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We are LGBTQ therapists in Los Angeles who “get it” about being LGBTQ. We live it, we study it, and we care deeply about our community in Los Angles. And if you want a LA gay therapist who will do more than just say “um-hum”, reach out to us. Read our testimonials from our clients to see why we are the best LGBTQ therapists in Los Angeles.

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We Make It Easy For You

There may be lots of LGBTQ people in Los Angeles but doesn’t mean it is easy to be here, or to be in a relationship here. And with so many therapists in Los Angeles it can be overwhelming to find the right one. We make it easy. When you schedule a call with us we’ll personally match you with one of our 11 Los Angeles LGBTQ psychotherapists and couples counselors. We’ll pick the one we think is best for you based on your issues, your neighborhood, and your personality.

And because it can be hard to get around the city, we have four offices in LA, from the west in Santa Monica to the east in Los Feliz. Therefore it is more likely that we’ll be near your home or your work and you can avoid the worst of traffic. However, our top agenda is to match you to a therapist that gets you.

LA can be a lonely and confusing place for LGBTQ people to live. We are here to help you build a better life.

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Best LGBTQ Therapists in Los Angeles: Real Quotes from Clients

“It was wonderful. Incredibly helpful and one of the best finds for us.”

“It’s been a great experience”

“Dominic has helped me make better decisions in my life, that has improved my relationship with my partner, and myself.”

“GTC is great! Therapy can be really disappointing if the fit between therapist and patient is not good. After attempting to explain Grindr to an older female therapist, I knew I needed to get a gay therapist who could understand my experiences. GTC helped to connect me to a therapist who is the perfect fit and who has been incredibly helpful to me for the past year.”

“I loved my therapist”

“You were there at a critical moment”

“The whole experience has been far easier than I expected. The hardest part of therapy is finding someone you vibe with. I think a lot of people search and search for a therapist they like and eventually just give up. But once I submitted my info, I got a call within minutes and after a 15 min call, I was recommend someone who they thought would be a good fit for me. It turned out to be a great fit! Im still actively engaged in my therapy sessions and making solid progress. I have recommend the Gay Therapy Center to a lot of people. It’s a great concept!”

— Recent Client Feedback

Our Los Angeles Neighborhoods:

Santa Monica
Our Santa Monica office is on Wilshire Boulevard between Harvard and Princeton Street, on the same side of the street as the Erewhon Market.

West Hollywood
Our West Hollywood office is on Robertson Boulevard at Gregory Way which is technically in Beverly Hills but everyone thinks of it as West Hollywood. We are about a mile north of the Beverly Center and close to the Academy Library and the Saban Theater.

Los Feliz
The Los Feliz office is on Hollywood Boulevard, in between the 5 and 101 freeways. The closest and most convenient public transportation is the metro redline stop at Vermont and Sunset. It’s only two blocks away.

Our Westwood office is near UCLA, the Federal Building and the Veterans Administration. Our immediate neighborhood is known as Tehrangeles or Little Persia. Westwood Village is close.

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We are challenging and direct, but not judgmental. We are warm and deeply respectful.

We believe that experience matters in therapy. Our LA psychotherapists have an average of ten years of experience and many have over twenty years experience.

Since 2016 we’ve helped hundreds of clients in LA at our offices in West Hollywood, Los Feliz, Westwood and Santa Monica. While we aim to make therapy convenient and near your home or office, our highest agenda is to match you to a therapist with whom you will really connect.

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