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LGBTQ Betrayal

Recovering from Affairs and

Every day we guide couples from the experience of hurt, mistrust, and anger into the process of repair and greater closeness.

We often find that the crisis of betrayal can serve as a catalyst, bringing couples to an intimacy that they never before have experienced.

Our therapists will help you and your partner turn towards each other in your hurt feelings rather than further away. We will teach you how to have difficult conversations in a way that allows both of you to be heard and seen. Being heard is essential for healing.

For couples who want to heal their relationships after an affair there is good reason to be hopeful.

Most research reveals that two-thirds of heterosexual couples will remain together after an affair. While the research on this topic among LGBT couples is limited, most indicate that gay couples are even more likely to recover from affairs.

Recovery, however, doesn’t happen by itself. Our therapists are experts in compassionately leading you through this repair process. Give us a call. You can usually get an appointment within a day or two.

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