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Adam Blum, FounderHi, I’m Adam Blum, MFT, the Founder of the Gay Therapy Center.

Call us and we’ll personally match you to a therapist that best meets your needs.

We do not “take” insurance but we are “out of network” providers with all insurance companies. That means if your plan covers out of network care, insurance may cover 50% – 85% of the cost. Our fees range from $185 – $250 per 50-minute session. (Note: If you live in CA you might be able to work with one of our Associate therapists for $125.)

Check here to find out what to ask your insurance provider.

We pride ourselves on making a thoughtful match. You’ll either speak to me or to Lorene Charles, AMFT our Client Intake Coordinator.

The fastest way to reach us is to use our online scheduler below to select a specific time for us to give you call at a time that works for you. Or you can call or text us at 415-795-2935 or email us at

Talk soon,
Adam and Lorene

Lorene Charles
Client Intake Coordinator Lorene Charles, AMFT

We will cancel any fraudulent appointments.

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