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We are LGBTQ therapists in the San Francisco Bay Area who understand what it like to be LGBTQ since we are all members of the LGBTQ community. If you are looking for a gay therapist who will not only listen but also have something to say, then we are a good match for you. Read our testimonials from our clients to see why we are the best LGBTQ therapists.

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We Make It Easy For You

We know living in the San Francisco Bay Area can be stressful and that LGBTQ relationships here can be challenging. When you schedule a call with us we’ll personally match you with one of our 15 local psychotherapists and couples counselors. We’ll pick the one we think is best for you based on your specific concerns, your location, and our sense of who would be a good fit for you.

And because traffic keeps getting worse we have several different locations in in the city and most of them are easy to get to on BART or MUNI.

The San Francisco Bay Area is the birthplace of much of the modern LGBTQ movement. And yet it can be a lonely and confusing place for LGBTQ people to live. We are here to help you build a better relationship with yourself, and with the people around you.

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Best LGBTQ Therapists in the San Francisco Bay Area: Real Quotes from Clients

“Dean saved our relationship”

“I have found my time with my therapist at the Gay Therapy Center to be incredibly beneficial. It has provided an experience of deep healing and profound personal understanding and growth.”

“We are SO fortunate to have found Dan, he’s heaven sent! Dan has helped us so much and is a great therapist, he knows how to guide and teach us to understand each other better and learning about ourselves while educating us!”

“The whole experience has been far easier than I expected. The hardest part of therapy is finding someone you vibe with. I think a lot of people search and search for a therapist they like and eventually just give up. But once I submitted my info, I got a call within minutes and after a 15 min call, I was recommend someone who they thought would be a good fit for me. It turned out to be a great fit! I’m still actively engaged in my therapy sessions and making solid progress. I have recommend the Gay Therapy Center to a lot of people. It’s a great concept!”

— Recent Client Feedback

Our San Francisco Neighborhoods:

Hayes Valley
Our Headquarters Office is on Hayes Street, between Octavia and Laguna, right above the shops in the retail part Hayes Street. It is 1/2 block from Patricia’s Green, the small local park. The closest MUNI station is Van Ness and the closest BART station is Civic Center.

Our Castro office is on Market Street, between Castro Street and Noe Street, and a 1/2 block from the Castro MUNI Station.

Union Square
Our Union Square office is on Market Street between Powell and Stockton Streets. It is in the historic Flood Building, which is at the Cable Car turn around, right above the Powell Street BART station.

Financial District
Our Financial District office in on Montgomery Street, between Sutter and Bush. It’s just two blocks from the Montgomery BART station on Market Street.

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We believe that experience matters in therapy. Our San Francisco psychotherapists have an average of ten years of experience and many have over twenty years experience.

We were founded in San Francisco in 2015 and since then we’ve helped hundreds of clients in our offices in Hayes Valley, Castro, Union Square, and Redwood City. While we aim to make therapy convenient and near your home or office, our highest agenda is to match you to a therapist with whom you will really connect.

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Ready to start feeling better about yourself? Life gets easier when we have more confidence. Unlearn what the culture taught you about being LGBTQ in our free 30 day email course – 30 Days To Feeling Good About You!

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