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Daniel, LGBTQ Therapist in San Francisco

LGBTQ Therapist San Francisco Daniel Pronouns: He, Him


I believe that the key to a happy and rewarding life is good relationships. My specialty is helping individuals and couples work through relationship issues. The work is deeply rewarding for me.

The purpose of counseling is to help clients work towards their goals. For many people that means having a good job, loving relationships, and a sense of stability. Counseling should focus on your immediate needs and help you take the steps to meet them.

As a counselor, my role is to help you connect with your strengths and to find balance, meaning, and satisfaction in your life. Many people who come into my office are far from that goal. You may be experiencing sadness, loss of pleasure, excessive worry, irritability, sleep problems, and profound dissatisfaction with life. Most people I work with are seeking help for depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, trauma, and relationship challenges. These are all normal symptoms for people seeking counseling.

I believe that the single most important factor in good therapy is the fit between the therapist and the client. I also believe that clients flourish in a non-judgmental environment where the counselor and client work together as a team to promote growth and change. I draw upon the newly emerging science of the past 20 years that demonstrates how a stance of compassion, self-acceptance, and curiosity towards one’s self naturally creates profound changes.

When working with couples my first goal is to help each member to reduce specific behaviors that are contributing to pain in the relationship. Factors such as working late hours, overspending, perceived flirting with others, and “phubbing” can lead to repeated arguments. These areas are identified and a temporary agreement to address them is created. Then we’ll focus on improving communication, reducing blame, increasing understanding, and identifying strategies that help to ensure long-term relationship satisfaction.

Some couples decide to go deeper into this work through a process of multi-generational healing. This is a therapy process that focuses on early life experiences, birth parent factors, and attachment styles. Together we explore relationships in your life and work through sources of anxiety, sadness, and loss. We also identify and move towards those relationships that have been warm and supportive. Clients who delve into this deeper work may experience changes in relationships with not only their partner, but family members, friends, and co-workers.

If you would like to learn more, I look forward to hearing from you.

“My partner and I are seeing Dan for couples consoling. We are SO fortunate to have found Dan, he’s heaven sent! Dan has helped us so much and is a great therapist, he knows how to guide and teach us to understand each other better and learning about ourselves while educating us!” – Recent Client Testimonial

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