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LGBTQ Anxiety

Has anxiety been affecting your relationships and

Do you frequently worry about being alone, whether you’re single or in a relationship? Are you bringing anxiety from previous unhealthy relationships into new ones? Maybe the effects of devastating breakup are affecting your ability to feel secure, confident, and safe with someone new – leading you to question whether you should stay or leave.

Perhaps insecurities are causing a rift between you and your partner, and you don’t know what to do. Or you may be coping with anxiety in ways that aren’t healthy, such as with excessive drinking or using meth. Deep down, you may be aware that insecurity about your LGBTQ identity is affecting your life and relationships, but you don’t know what to do about it.

Fortunately, there is help available when it comes to anxiety when navigating the world of gay relationships and gay dating.

anxiety in lgbtq relatioships

Gay Relationship Therapy Can Change Your Life

You are not alone in having anxiety about relationships. In fact, studies show that gay men tend to be lonelier than straight men, so it’s not surprising that anxiety over relationships is common. It’s also true that gay people have fewer role models to look up to, and thus fewer examples of same-sex relationships they can aspire to. Therefore, gay dating anxiety is a lot more common than you think.

The reason you’ve been feeling this way isn’t because there’s something wrong with you. The fact is, growing up gay is itself an anxiety-ridden experience. No matter how progressive the environment might have been in your youth, you likely still have histories of subtle rejections. You may never have experienced outright rejection, or been the target of an anti-gay slur; however, the source of your anxiety may be more subtle than that.

LGBTQ people tend to experience what psychologists call “minority stress,” which typically results from having to hide their identity from family and friends. Even for people who are out, minority stress can manifest in the form of having normal childhood experiences erased, devalued, or stigmatized. One example of a normal childhood experience is having a crush on a teacher or wanting to hold hands with a classmate. For straight kids, this is often treated as something cute. No one tells a gay kid that their attractions to a same-sex teacher or classmate are cute. Gay people also may have to fake excitement about all the social rituals surrounding opposite-sex attraction as they are growing up.

How can gay people learn to love themselves in an environment like that? The unfortunate answer is, many of them can’t. Harder still is the ability to love someone else in a safe, secure relationship. Same-sex dating apps and bars are places where hookups are readily available, but they aren’t always emotionally safe.

Validating the stressful experience of growing up gay is a vital step in the process toward healing. Finding the right gay therapist or gay psychologist in a specialized gay therapy practice to help you through it can make all the difference.

Adam D. Blum, founder of the Gay Therapy Center, discusses the process of individual psychotherapy.

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Why Choose LGBTQ Anxiety Therapy?

Our practice is unique in that all of our licensed counselors identify as LGBTQ. You can have full assurance that the counselor you are matched with won’t just express sympathy for your situation, but will have a unique understanding because they, too, have lived it.

We believe that no one understands the LGBTQ community like other members of the LGBTQ community. Our judgment and shame-free spaces are the perfect place to start the journey toward healing. We are interactive therapists; we don’t just sit and say “Uh huh.” We want to connect with you in partnership to lead you through a process of healing.

We don’t use a computerized, impersonal algorithm to match you with a counselor: we pair you based on personality and our sense of you and your unique needs during the free phone consultation. We have over thirty therapists with various specialized skillsets. Developing a solid connection of trust with your counselor is an absolute necessity for seeing positive results.

With the help of therapy for LGBTQ people, being yourself, regardless of the social setting, is possible. Our experienced gay therapists can teach you how to have relationships that are intimate and more connected, as well as help you feel good about and love yourself. Our mission statement is to “Help LGBTQ people love themselves and each other.”

“My experience with the GTC was life-changing. I feel very fortunate to have peen paired with a kind, understanding, skillful therapist who was able to attend to my needs. He made me feel comfortable enough to tap into a well if deeply rooted pain that I had not thought about in decades and relate it to current struggles in my daily life. I will forever be grateful for our sessions and am happy that I sought the assistance of the GTC so that I could break down some of the barriers that were stopping me from leading the life I’ve envisioned for myself.” — Recent Client Feedback

You May Have Some Concerns About LGBTQ Anxiety Therapy…

Isn’t gay therapy expensive?

Believe it or not, studies show that psychotherapy can boost happiness levels more than money can. After talking to you on the phone, we hand pick the therapist we feel is the best. Because our therapists have an average of ten years of experience, we feel confident that your money is being well spent.

I don’t want to dig up all this painful stuff.

We help you leave sessions feeling good – we know from previous clients that when you look inside at your issues, they become less scary. Talking about something difficult and painful robs it of its ability to control or hurt you.

Can I just get help for a specific issue without having to talk about my feelings?

We can stay solution-focused on one issue, if you want to keep therapy brief. We don’t have to dig into every childhood problem. Ultimately, you are the one in control; there are many ways to address an issue without diving too deeply into the past, or into every emotion.

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