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The Problem of
Bisexual Invisibility

Are you navigating the complexities of your identity as a bisexual person?

Bisexual folks make up the largest group in the LGBTQ+ community but they receive the least amount of visibility and support. They are less likely than gays or lesbians to be fully out to the important people in their lives.

Research has shown that this isolation and “invisibility” among bisexuals has lead to higher levels of anxiety and depression than experienced by lesbian, gay, or hetero people.

Bisexuals experience discrimination from society at large and from within the queer community. In fact, research by one of our bisexual psychologists found that bisexual women perceive even more even stigma from the lesbian and gay community than they do from the heterosexual community.

When you are bisexual there’s a lot to unlearn from queer and from straight culture.

Until we do some work, being bisexual can be a lonely experience. The stronger we feel within our own bi identity, the more we can genuinely connect with others.

How does internalized and cultural biphobia impact your well-being?

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Bisexual Therapists

Many of our clinicians identify as bisexual. Their work is informed not only by their clinical training and research, but by their lived experience.

As therapists, we want to believe that our specific methods are what bring the best outcomes in therapy. However we are humbled by mountains of therapeutic research which show that the best outcomes in therapy are linked to the strength of the relationship between the client and the therapist, rather than the specific therapeutic modality.

Knowing that your therapist also identifies as bisexual can add to the trust and safety you feel in your therapeutic relationship. That makes for better therapy.

Humans heal when they have people—and a self—that accept and see them. Good therapy can help us move towards a life of acceptance.

Therapy provides a non-judgmental place to explore identity and attractions. In therapy you can experience the acceptance that you are not getting in society. That’s healing. From there it is easier to the take the feeling of “I’m okay” into the world.

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Bisexual Marriage Counseling

Bisexuals are more likely to be married than gay men or lesbians, and most have a spouse of the opposite sex.

There is no societal script for what it means to be bisexual. This gives you space to write your own script, and to create relationships and make life choices that work for you.

How do you maintain your bi identify while married?

How do you come out in a marriage to a heterosexual person?

If you are heterosexual, how does your spouse’s bisexuality impact your relationship?

These are just a few of the issues that bisexual clients are exploring in couples and individual counseling.

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Where can I find a Bisexual Therapist Near Me?

When you reach out to us we can match you to a bisexual therapist that best meets your specific needs. Read about a few of our therapists below.

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