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LGBTQ+ Open Relationship Counseling

What is an open relationship and what does that look like
for gay couples?

Do you want an open relationship but your partner wants monogamy? Do you want monogamy but your partner wants an open relationship?

An open relationship is based on mutual, trustworthy agreements to sexually engage with partners that are outside your primary relationship. Often LGBTQ+ couples approach these issues differently than heterosexual couples and it’s important to work with a therapist who understands our unique culture.

Navigating open relationships and monogamy commonly causes hurt and anger. Our LGBTQ+ therapists are here to help couples get underneath the anger and come to greater clarity about what works for them.

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LGBTQ+ Open Relationships & Monogamy Issues Our LGBTQ+ Therapists Cover

Our therapists have years of experience working with LGBTQ+ couples navigating the complexity of open relationships.

We can help with the following topics:

  • Different wants: Open relationships vs. monogamy
  • Infidelity: Actions and feelings of betrayal
  • How to find what works best for both partners in an open relationship
  • How to improve communication about what you want in the relationship
  • How to manage one-on-one time with your primary partner
  • How to improve your listening skills to make your primary partner feel heard
  • How to stick to your defined terms
  • How to better track yourself to respect guidelines

It’s clear that couples need more help in approaching these confusing topics. For more helpful information about managing open LGBTQ+ relationships to find what works, visit our blog.

Why Choose The Gay Therapy Center?

Without excellent communication skills between partners, open relationships tend to cause hurt and damage to relationships. Our LGBTQ+ therapists are skilled at helping you learn to productively talk to your partner about the vulnerable feelings that typically arise in open relationships.

Since open relationships are more common in LGBTQ+ relationships, this is a topic we work with every day. We have deep experience in helping couples navigate the difficulties that can arise in open relationships without invoking shame. It’s important to us that you feel safe to be vulnerable during our sessions to work through any stressors or problems you and your partner are experiencing.

Our mission is to help foster better communication, connection, and honesty in your relationships.

“It’s been great so far from the initial phone call inquiring about the services being offered to our sessions. Our sessions have been a safe place for us to take the time to learn and express and that has all been thanks to our therapist.” — Recent Client

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We provide both online and in-office LGBTQ+ open relationship therapy services. We are located in the following cities:

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How much will a session with one of your LGBTQ+ therapists cost?
A healthy, supportive, and connected relationship can provide you with more happiness than money can.

After an initial free 15-minute phone call, we select the LGBTQ+ therapist we feel is the best fit for you and your partner. Our therapists have an average of ten years of experience, so we feel confident that your money is being well spent.

Our therapy fees begin at $185 per 50-minute session, and you can find more information about our therapy fees and insurance here.

2. What if one of us wants an open relationship and the other one doesn’t?

If one of you is strongly attached to the idea of an open relationship and your partner isn’t, this could be a dealbreaker. For example, some people want kids, some don’t — it’s the same for open relationships. It comes down to core values and interests.

However, if one of you is not deeply attached to the concept of an open relationship, perhaps there may be a path to the sexual experiences you desire. A key issue here is your mindset: can you enter into a process with your partner and be okay if their ultimate answer is still “no”.

If you’re looking for more support and advice related to your open relationship, we encourage you to give us a call today to be matched with our LGBTQ+ therapists.

3. How to know if I’m ready for an open relationship or not?

If you and your partner are thinking about opening up your LGBTQ+ relationship to additional sexual partners, ask yourself the following questions to know if you’re ready and/or willing:

  • Do you and your partner know how to talk about difficult subjects and end up closer at the end of the conversation rather than further apart?
  • Can you fully hear and accept your partner’s guidelines even when they are different from your own?
  • Do you feel confident that you can track yourself and know when you are getting close to violating a guideline?
  • Are you comfortable telling your partner about the limits you need them to respect?
  • Are you confident that you can enter into an open relationship with a real commitment not to hurt your partner’s feelings?
  • Can you commit to sincere and patient emotional repair if your partner’s feelings are hurt unintentionally?

For more guidance on your relationship and whether or not you might be ready for an open relationship, give us a call to be matched with a LGBTQ+ therapist that is best suited to you and your partner’s unique situation.

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