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LGBTQ+ Couples Counselling

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Gay Couples Therapy

Have you been feeling disconnected from your partner or spouse? Do you miss having safe, genuine, intimate communication? Are you worried that you’re growing apart from each other, having less sex or no sex at all, and don’t know how to bridge the physical and emotional gap?

Good relationships are central to our enjoyment of life. Good communication skills are the foundation of good relationships. Without the ability to talk honestly and compassionately about the more vulnerable aspects of our relationships, our relationships become more limited and unsatisfactory.

In gay couples therapy you’ll learn new skills about how to communicate on difficult topics with your partner in a way that brings you closer together rather than further apart.

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What Our LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling Covers

From infidelity to open relationship conflicts, whatever issues your relationship is experiencing, chances are it’s hardly unusual. At this point, it may feel like no matter what you try to do to fix your relationship issues, nothing works. You likely feel stuck and uncertain about your future together and don’t know where to start to repair it. We’re here to help you feel heard again which is the building block to help get everything else to fall back into place.

Our LGBTQ+ therapists are here to help with the following:

How To Communicate Better In Your LGBTQ+ Relationship

In many cases, conflicts occur as a result of poor communication. Moreover, when you feel betrayed, guilty, or ashamed, the right words to describe your feelings can be even harder to find. This discord makes it feel like the wedge in the relationship only grows wider.

Adam D. Blum, founder of the Gay Therapy Center, discusses the process of improving communication and intimacy for couples.

View time: 2:45 min.

Communication in Open LGBTQ+ Relationships

Good communication is necessary for any healthy relationship: especially when navigating open relationships, which require a more advanced level. Negotiating terms and conditions require a new level of vulnerability that many couples aren’t prepared for. The couples that experience difficulties may find that the issue could have been avoided had they been more honest from the beginning. Not all couples can handle the vulnerabilities of open relationships, but many find renewed possibilities when they establish new levels of communication through LGBTQ+ couples counseling.

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LGBTQ+ Fighting Therapy

Exhausted from having the same arguments over and over? Beneath all fights are tender, vulnerable feelings. Our LGBTQ+ therapists will help you learn to communicate about these underlying feelings that are generating fights and miscommunication.

We’ll start by teaching you how to communicate. Once we identify and talk about what is really driving the fights, we are on the road to greater intimacy and connection, and when that happens, couples quickly move to cooperation and agreement. You can learn more about how to stop the cycle of fighting in your LGBTQ+ relationship in our blog.

“If you look under the surface of every little fight, no matter what the topic, you will find that ultimately they are about some basic core fear that all humans hold. The fears essentially look like these questions:

Do [they] love me?
Do [they] care about me?
Will [they] stick around?”

From blog post: How to Reduce Those Little Arguments About Nothing.

Our LGBTQ+ therapists will also explore “Fair Fighting Rules” to help you identify when you’re not fighting fair and how to improve overall communication when in a fight.

LGBTQ+ Infidelity

Has your relationship suffered from an affair? Unsure if it’s possible to rebuild trust again? Maybe your definition of infidelity differs from your partner’s. Do they think talking to other people on dating apps, even without actually meeting anyone, isn’t a breach of their commitment to you?

Our LGBTQ+ therapists are here to help guide you and your partner through the experience of hurt and into the process of healing. Visit our page on LGBTQ+ Infidelity Therapy for help.

How To Open Up More As a LGBTQ+ Person

We all want the other person to open up and to be vulnerable, but we really don’t want to do that ourselves. We were not born with the ability to advocate for ourselves peacefully, and most of us were never taught this skill. And for men, the level of toxic masculinity in our culture can also make it difficult to open up about feelings.

Many LGBTQ+ people carry internalized shame or baggage from previous relationships that make vulnerability even more complicated. As the communication barriers widen, many couples find themselves fighting more, shoving issues under the rug, experiencing anxiousness, or living in a sexless partnership.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live this way forever. Last year, over 60 million couples sought therapy to heal their relationships. You are not alone in your struggle. Our therapists specialize in LGBTQ+ couples counseling and are experts in helping couples find their way again.

Intimacy In LGBTQ+ Couples Counseling

In LGBTQ+ couples counseling we create the opportunity for you to experience being more vulnerable with the person you love. When that happens — and it does happen with 75% of couples in counseling — you experience an intimacy you’ve never had before.

Once you taste that intimacy, even for one second, you want more of it. It bridges the essential loneliness of being alive and provides meaning in a life that occasionally feels meaningless.

Our LGBTQ+ therapists create an environment to make it safe enough to be intimate. They’ll control the communication so that attacks are replaced by listening. When we listen, our hearts become open and then the healing can happen.

Why Choose The Gay Therapy Center?

Underlying most conflicts are vulnerable emotions. We teach you how to identify those feelings in yourself and your partner and how to talk about difficult subjects in ways that bring you closer rather than push you further apart. Communication is the biggest factor in restoring stressful relationships. In addition, productive communication is a key factor in rebuilding a healthy, active sex life.

We always start with a free initial phone call to pair you up with a LGTBQ+ therapist that best fits your unique needs as a couple. A good fit between the couple and the counselor is essential for good counseling! All of our counselors are licensed therapists, with an expertise in LGBTQ counseling, and all of them identify as LGBTQ+.

Our gay couples therapy practice is results-oriented and skills-based. Once you’re paired up with your LGBTQ+ therapist, we begin by teaching you new communication skills.

Most of your sessions will include your partner. As LGBTQ+ couples counselors, it is important that we see your relationship in action during each session. This allows us to immediately step in and redirect the conversation as it is moving towards unproductive patterns. Based on the specific needs of the couple, from time to time we may meet with you individually. This will be infrequent since the purpose of couples counseling is to teach you how to speak honestly, compassionately, and directly to the person you love.

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“Loved it. I learned a lot about my partner and was taught how to understand him better. I never would have been able to accomplish any of this on my own!”
— Recent Client Feedback

“Kyle was fantastic. He really improved our marriage.”
— Unsolicited client feedback

“We use the tools you teach us all the time in our relationship and friendships.”
— Client feedback

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“Thanks for helping us work through our major issues, this has saved our relationship and strengthened our communication and commitment to one another.” — Client feedback

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is gay couples therapy expensive?

A healthy relationship with good communication is priceless. Our LGBTQ+ therapists are experienced to guide every relationship from hurting into the process of healing.

Our gay couples therapy fees begin at $200 per 50-minute session, and you can find more information about our therapy fees and insurance here.

2. Doesn’t gay couples therapy mean the relationship is over?

Not at all! Our communication skills have proven their value in many testimonials from couples that didn’t know that such new levels of intimacy were possible. Engaging in gay couples therapy means that you are committed to the health of your relationship, which runs contrary to it being over.

Therapy gives you the chance to repair your relationship and make it stronger than ever.

3. Won’t talking about our problems just make us feel worse?

It can be difficult to share the most intimate parts of your life with someone you don’t know, but we see counseling as relationship enhancement, and so do many of our clients.

Better communication leads to increased trust, better sex, and greater happiness overall, so getting your feelings out on the table is a worthwhile investment. In fact, after their sessions, many couples go out for dinner. They treat the counseling session as a kind of “date night.”

4. Can you help work on validating LGBTQ+ couples feelings?

Yes, our gay couples therapists’ will provide you with communication and listening skills to practice during session and at home that can help validate your partners’ feelings.

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