We use the tools you teach us all the time in our relationship and friendships.
— Unsolicited client feedback
Kyle was fantastic. He really improved our marriage.
— Unsolicited client feedback

Are you tired of having the same fights over and over?

Are you struggling to recover from lying and betrayal?

Are you trying to navigate an open relationship? Is your sex life routine and boring?

Adam D. Blum, founder of the Gay Therapy Center, discusses the process of improving communication and intimacy for couples. View time: 2:45 min.

Every week we see couples transforming their relationships, developing a sense of connection with their partner they never thought possible.

Learning to resolve relationship issues is not as difficult as people think. You don’t have to be in therapy for years to change unhealthy patterns. 

Our gay counselors will guide you through a process that brings you and your partner closer together as you address your most challenging problems.
In some ways, LGBTQ couples are different than straight couples. We are leading experts in helping LGBTQ people get to the next level of intimacy in their relationships.

Read about some of the issues in which we are particularly experienced in helping gay couples successfully resolve: