LGBTQ therapy to help LGBTQ people love themselves and each other.

The Gay Therapy Center
is different.

All of our therapists are LGBTQ people. We know how important it is to feel that your therapist really “gets” you.

In fact, decades of psychotherapy research shows that the number one best indicator of good results in therapy is feeling comfortable, safe, and connected with your therapist.

Knowing that your therapist has lived parts of your experience helps you to build a strong, trusting relationship in therapy.

But just because a therapist is LGBTQ doesn’t mean that they are the right therapist for you.

That’s why we personally meet with you by phone to learn more about you to determine who is your best match.

For example, you might be more comfortable with a therapist of a certain gender. Or you might want someone close to your own generation. Maybe you may want a therapist who is more confrontive or one who is especially gentle? We’ll help you figure all that out.

There are only two of us who make the matches. There’s me, Adam Blum, MFT, the psychotherapist who founded the Gay Therapy Center, and Lorene Charles, AMFT, our Client Intake Coordinator and soon-to-be-licensed psychotherapist. We know each of our therapists well and who works best with which types of clients.

Our therapists have an average of 10 years of experience. They are hand selected by me and I only recruit therapists who have something “extra” about them. We do not work with “cookie cutter” therapists.

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We were recently selected in the “Best Online LGBTQIA+ Counseling of 2023” category by verywellmind.

“When I inquired about finding a therapist, the center was responsive, kind, and they immediately paired me with the best therapist I have ever had. Thank you!!! They really considered my issues and found me a great match.”

— Recent Client Testimonial

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