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Avigail, Queer Therapist in Los Angeles

LGBTQ Therapist LA Avigail Pronouns: She, Her
License: LMFT

Reaching out to a stranger to help you figure things out takes bravery. My work is collaborative, strength-based, and client-centered. Your goals are my goals, and understanding the values and commitments that underlie those goals often drives my curiosity.

As a former tv writer, I get how stories can help or harm. Stories shape our realities, not the other way around. Together, we can rewrite stories that respect the life you’ve led and make the life you want come into sharper focus. As someone raised in two countries, I also get how tricky it is to navigate different cultural messages.

My goal is to help you get space from your problems, so that what’s most important to you – your hopes, dreams, and intentions – take center stage. Together, we can chart the landscape of the things you’re up against and how they operate in your life, so you’re able to make better choices. Problems don’t always go away, but they can be moved to the background, and the way we relate to them can contribute to rich and meaningful living.

I have a BA in Film from Vassar College and spent much of my life as a writer/producer before answering the call to psychotherapy. I have a Masters from Antioch University, where I received training in LGBTQIA+ Affirmative Therapy. My lens is sex-positive lens and I’m interested in how I can help individuals and partnerships of all kinds (monogamous, open, and poly) discover and establish joy and mutual satisfaction.

Other interests include: issues related to the entertainment industry, creativity, ambivalence, social anxiety, belonging, self-doubt, nonbinary experiences, and gender identity.

“We love our counselor. We would highly recommend.”

“Avi is the most amazing therapist ever.”

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