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Jeremy, Queer Therapist in San Francisco

LGBTQ Therapist San Francisco Jeremy Pronouns: He, Him
License: LMFT

As an out gay man I am passionate about providing therapeutic support for other gay men, queer people, and couples. As men we are often socialized to keep our feelings in, to avoid showing weakness. Growing up, boys are frequently taught to be competitive with one another, and not to show affection or compassion. These early experiences can lead to men feeling isolated, out of touch with their feelings, and having conflict in intimate relationships. In my work with gay men and couples, I believe in the transformative power of men being supported by each other.

I help clients with anxiety, communication, emotional growth, and relationship stress. Individuals come in feeling stressed out and frustrated in their personal relationships. Couples seek support due to frequent arguments over what seem to be small things, exhausted from feeling hurt and alone. Using approaches based on Emotionally Focused Therapy and attachment theory, I help couples to identify the places where they feel most insecure, and support them to feel safe being vulnerable with each other. Individuals also find relief talking with me about their relationships by learning how to connect more to their own feelings and needs, and to communicate these more effectively.

Prior to becoming a psychotherapist I spent many years as a working artist and massage therapist. My own transformational experiences in therapy inspired me to attend the California Institute of Integral Studies and receive a Masters in counseling psychology. I completed my clinical training at the Pacific Center for Human Growth, the oldest LGBT center in California. There I had specialized training in issues of BDSM, HIV/AIDS, working with meth & sex, polyamory, and open relationships.

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“Jeremy has been terrific and I would highly recommend him to members of the LGBT community!”

— Recent Client Testimonial

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