LGBTQ therapy to help LGBTQ people love themselves and each other.

Daniel, LGBTQ Therapist in Washington DC

Daniel LGBTQ Therapist in Washington DCDaniel is also licensed in California.

Pronouns: He, Him
License: LMFT

To me, therapy is not about identifying weakness. It’s about understanding why we are not living the life we imagine for ourselves. It’s about building upon the core strengths each of us has. And it’s about making changes that will lead us to a more positive relationships with others and a deeper sense of self.

As a therapist, my job is to support a client’s emotional journey, and to provide guidance in a safe and supportive environment. I don’t tell a client what they should do. Rather, I ask clients what they want to achieve and help them get there.

When working with couples, my goal is to help them find greater intimacy whether dealing with issues related to communication, sex, relationship boundaries, and other challenges any couple may face.

In addition to working clients regarding a wide range of issues, I specialize in the treatment of sexual compulsivity, love addiction, and sexual dysfunction.

I think anyone who seeks therapy is self-aware and courageous, and for me it’s a privilege to witness them find their way to greater happiness and fulfillment.

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