LGBTQ therapy to help LGBTQ people love themselves and each other.

Brian, LGBTQ Therapist in Los Angeles

BrianPronouns He, Him
License: LMFT

My main task is creating a trusting, caring therapeutic relationship with you so that you can build sense of self in this world no matter what successes or challenges you may face – and have faced – in this journey.

My specialties include working with couples, substance issues, eating disorders, problematic sexual behavior, and PTSD. I am EMDR trained, and I use a Gestalt and Attachment based approach as well as Cognitive Behavioral work with clients.

I’ve presented my own comprehensive trauma assessment and interventions at several international trauma & addiction conferences.

When I’m not with clients or writing I enjoy my town of Palm Springs with my partner and our dog Archie, often on a hiking trail.

I’d be honored to help you capture the big fulfilling life you deserve.

“It’s been great. Brian is an amazing therapist. Really gets our relationship dynamic and challenges.”

“I’m 30 and have pretty much been in therapy since I was 14. Brian is hands down THE BEST therapist I have ever had. His expertise in the field of recovery– both in ED and substance abuse– has revolutionized my approach to self and healing. Three months with him thus far have done more for my recovery than the last fifteen years.”

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