LGBTQ therapy to help LGBTQ people love themselves and each other.


NYC LGBT therapist Verniece Green-FulfordPronouns: She, Her

Hi, my name is Verniece and you can call me Vee.

I believe that we all have an innate ability to heal ourselves. Sometimes we need help accessing this capability. My passion for counseling developed as a child when I found myself drawn to the art of listening. I found comfort in being a person that inspired others to discuss their innermost thoughts, feelings and troubles.

Therapy is a partnership. From the moment of our first contact to the last session held, I aim to establish and maintain the trust of my clients. I work with individuals, couples, and families. In my work with couples, I work to help them reveal their thoughts and feelings, exercise flexibility, and develop powerful skills to effectively communicate with one another.

I identify as a Lesbian/Queer woman of color. I have worked within the field of behavioral health since 2004 and had the pleasure of working with individuals of many different cultures, ethnicities, as well as members of the LGBTQ community.

Through our work together, you will gain insight, direction, self-compassion and develop practical coping skills. Wellness is an investment. When you put your own wellness first the puzzle pieces in your life start to fall together to make a complete and balanced picture. Are you ready to put YOU first?

“Great!!! Thank you so much !!!! Vee is brilliant!!! She help us a lot!! We are very thankful 🙏🏼”

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