LGBTQ therapy to help LGBTQ people love themselves and each other.

Joe, LGBTQ Therapist in New York

JoePronouns: He, Him
License: LMFT

Are you struggling with worries, frustrations, and anxiety? Are you noticing it’s hard to get clear on who you are or what you want? Are you experiencing challenges in your relationships with friends, coworkers, or romantic partners?

Throughout my education, from University of Chicago to Smith College, I have focused on connecting deeply, listening closely, and supporting growth and healing. From addressing and undoing anxiety, to getting clearer on communication with yourself and your important people, I am skilled in helping you address your challenges.

My personal experiences as a gay man have deepened my capacity to help LGBTQ+ folks of all ages and intersectional identities with issues like low self-esteem, depression, and worries, along with challenges in relationships. I work actively and collaboratively with couples to address and undo barriers to effective communication and intimacy.

I’m an anti-racist and anti-oppression oriented therapist. I’m a member of various groups within my professional communities which are working to undo the impacts of racism and white supremacy.

I’m on the faculty of the Eastern Group Psychotherapy Society Training Program in Group Psychotherapy and have presented at several annual conferences. I’m a believer in the power of writing: to support personal growth and exploration, to serve as a vehicle for change outside and in, and as a catalyst for creativity. I’m happy to support other writers and to see how writing can supplement our work.

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