LGBTQ therapy to help LGBTQ people love themselves and each other.

Dan, LGBTQ Therapist in Seattle

LGBTQ Therapist Seattle DanPronouns: He, him
License: PhD

My therapeutic style blends compassion, humor, and care with collaborative creativity geared to helping you grow, evolve, and move toward resolution of your problem experiences.

Life is stressful! Clients often come to see me when they encounter relationship struggles, changes in work or personal life, managing family issues, or trying to figure out how to manage difficult emotions. Sometimes our work involves building skills to manage the impact of traumatic experiences, including the impact of structural oppression on day-to-day experiences and connectedness.

In the first several sessions we will balance building a relationship, coming to an understanding of how problems or changes function in your life, and collaborating on goals for therapy. I want to learn about your family, relationships and cultural backgrounds – in addition to understanding the issues and problems that have led you to look for a therapist.

In the relationship between therapist and client, I see you as having expertise in yourself, while I bring experience and training in processing and addressing distress using a range of therapeutic tools. I have so much respect for all the ways that client have tried to make changes or solve problems for themselves.

My career as a psychologist has allowed me to work in settings across the US, training therapists for a dozen years. I am trained in EMDR which has a proven track record in helping clients process trauma.

I am sometimes joined in sessions by a delightful dog named Misha. I love therapy, and I love working with LGBTQIA+ people.

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