Gay Therapy Center—Midtown

Growing up gay in a religious and conservative area of the country, I felt the pain and fear of discrimination well before I knew the meaning of the words “gay” or “homophobia.” As is the case for many LGBTQ youth, overcoming the prejudice I experienced from my community was a difficult road to walk. My aim as a therapist is to help other LGBTQ people tap into their inner resilience, overcome barriers and live a more fulfilling life!

I specialize in the treatment of anxiety-related difficulties, like social anxiety, panic, OCD, or even persistent and general worry. Additionally, I specialize in working with the unique experiences and challenges faced within LGBTQ communities. Those of us with non-normative gender- and sexual-identities are often prone to higher levels of anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship problems or difficulty controlling drug and alcohol use. Navigating a sex life in the context of HIV status or coping with a positive diagnosis are also things many of us contend with. Additionally, many hold themselves to nearly impossible standards about things like body image, sexual prowess, monogamy (or non-monogamy) or perfectionism with work. As a therapist I am attuned to the nuances of these difficulties and you do not have to navigate them alone.

I studied psychology and queer theory at the University of California, Berkeley, and I was trained as a therapist at Columbia University where I underwent an intensive fellowship program cosponsored by the Linehan Institute. Additionally, I have advanced training from NYU and am currently undergoing the rigorous process of becoming certified by the Beck Institute as an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy -a science-based model of therapy shown to be the most effective at treating a number of common psychological problems.

My approach to therapy is warm and structured. I am sex-positive, kink- and poly-aware and I aim to create a comfortable space free from shame and fear of being misunderstood. If you think we may be a good fit, I encourage you to schedule a consultation call.