Gay Therapy Center—Pacific Heights

Therapy is a place to let down your guard, untie your knots, and create new patterns. It can help you find the freedom to experience a wider and more balanced range of emotions including joy, anger, sadness, rapture, and many more.

Therapy might also show you that in addition to enduring life, you might also be fully alive.

In order to arrive to your truest self, we will explore together what may feel like hard-to-change life patterns. We will look at the ways you make attempts to avoid some of your difficult experiences, the impact of your important relationships, as well as your fears, wishes, and fantasies.

In couples counseling we’ll identify the often unspoken and unintended dynamic between you that results in the repetition of painful patterns. I am passionate about helping couples find greater intimacy, connection, and communication. I have done presentations on intercultural couple dynamics.

I grew up and studied in Hungary, lived in Belgium and Scotland, and finished my training on both coasts of the US. I’ve been fortunate to work with the LGBTQ community in mental health organizations in Europe and the US. These personal and professional experiences have shaped the multicultural view I bring to therapy. They contribute to my ever-present curiosity about the ways we can turn something that feels “othered” and foreign into one that is comfortably familiar. I work in English and in Hungarian.

I earned my Doctorate Degree in Clinical Psychology from The George Washington University and I am a licensed clinical psychologist.

I believe one of the many goals of therapy is to get to an inner place where you feel that there is no one else you would rather be than you yourself. I look forward to finding the way there together.