Gay Therapy Center—Chelsea, NYC

Starting therapy can be both rewarding and intimidating so I provide a non-judgmental, comfortable and professional experience in a safe environment.

I work in the areas of relationship issues, loss and grief, anxiety, depression and coming out with adults and adolescents. When working with couples I focus on helping them learn how to attune to each other while at the same time building their skills at self-reflection. I also teach these topics to graduate students at Fordham University.

My doctoral research at NYU has enriched my understanding of identity formation for the LGBTQ community and how this impacts our adult relationships. Recently I presented at the International Psychohistory Conference on the trauma effects for gay men from rejecting families and from living in the closet.

In my free time I love reading Stephen King novels, swimming, long walks with my dog and partner in Prospect Park, and checking out new restaurants around NYC. My dog looks like Toto from the Wizard of Oz, and reminds me that life is a journey and we'll learn new things about ourselves, others, and the world if we open our minds and hearts to growth.