Gay Therapy Center — Flatiron

Having lived in New York City for nearly twenty years, I have witnessed the many stressors impacting gay people. I have seen friends succumb to drugs and alcohol, been privy to the inner workings of “open relationships”, and reckoned with the depression and anxiety that can come with being labeled ‘different’.  Being a part of a sexual minority comes with a unique set of challenges that permeate all aspects of our being. 

Prior to becoming a therapist, I studied acting for several years which opened my mind in unimaginable ways. It was fun, grueling at times, and cathartic. I use these creative skills in every aspect of my life to this day. Meryl Streep said it best: “Acting is active empathy”.  Becoming a character taught me to see the world through others’ eyes.  That level of understanding is the key to a strong therapeutic alliance. 

I completed my Master’s at NYU and have a strong interest in attachment theory, relational approaches, and other psychodynamic work. I am also currently enrolled in the National Institute for Psychotherapies Trauma Program. Often overlooked, traumatic experiences, whether personal or transgenerational, set us up to see life with a narrow view and with limited coping. It is possible, through a corrective and trusted bond with your therapist, to mitigate the severity of trauma symptoms. It allows you to take back control of your state of mind and how you feel about ‘what happened’. 

My experience also includes crisis intervention, medical illness (including HIV/AIDS), and addiction and behavioral compulsions using a ‘one size does NOT fit all approach’. I support and promote sex-positive ways of thinking in relationships. 
Working in tandem with my clients, I revel in the opportunity to uncover their truth and inherent strengths. It is a journey worth taking, and if not this, then what else is it all for?