Gay Therapy Center — Castro

I help clients move beyond painful residue from the past so that they can live more freely in the world. 

I specialize in trauma therapy that can help you feel less distress. Once you begin to feel better it is much easier to make meaningful and powerful choices that build a different way of being in the world.
Before I was a therapist I worked for many years as a certified public accountant.  Along the way I became certified as a yoga teacher and as a massage therapist, and I jumped into Vipassana meditation as a way to find balance.  

I learned the power of using my body as a way to get out of my head. This inspired to get my Masters of Arts in Somatic Psychotherapy. As a somatic psychotherapist, I honor your body’s natural healing ability and will help you build bridges to access this healing, both in and out of session.

I use EMDR Therapy and the Neuro-Affective Relational Model (NARM) to address the psychological, emotional and physical impact of distressing events.
My work is informed and enlivened by my own personal and professional experiences of diversity.  I draw on my experience as a person of color, as a gay person, and as first generation man born in the US, to explore with clients the impact of stressors that are faced by minorities on an ongoing basis.  

I would be honored to have a conversation with you about how I may help you access your unique healing process.