Gay Therapy Center—Chelsea

I work with individuals and couples to improve your connections with romantic partners and in your close relationships. My role is to help you talk out loud about the things you wish could be different, and to guide the conversation towards real change.

There is little that is more important in life than relationships, and many of us need help in improving them. Typically there is a ripple effect: our relationship unhappiness causes stress in other life areas. 

Creating a safe space to share your struggles is the first step toward addressing them. We'll talk openly about tough topics and identify the real issues that lie underneath disagreements. I will work with you to find effective ways of communicating, build trust, and broaden your understanding of your partner and yourself.  

My approach is often psychodynamic, which means I believe that family and upbringing play a key role in how we relate to others, combined with our nature, life experiences, and support systems. Whether your goal is to improve relationships, work on family conflict, come out as LGBTQ, discuss parenthood, or just take a closer look at your life, we'll bring out your strengths and find the changes you're looking for.

I have a Master’s Degree from Columbia School of Social Work, and am continuing my education in the Families & Couples Treatment Program at the Institute For Contemporary Psychotherapy. I worked for many years at the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Community Center in New York City where I provided therapy for individuals and couples, and built programs for parents and intended parents.

My style is warm, inviting, and very interactive. Being invited into your life is a fascinating and sacred process, and I take it seriously.