Gay Therapy Center — Mid Wilshire

It is so important to feel heard and understood by your therapist. As a gay man, I have sat on the client side of the office and found myself wondering if my therapist really understood what it is like to grow up gay in a world with such strong heteronormative values. I strive to create a space for my clients that helps them explore their thoughts and feelings, without feeling that they have to educate me on gay culture and the different ways in which we engage with the world, our relationships and our lives. I know what it’s like to fear that your friends/family/loved ones/colleagues will not understand and validate you for your gay identity. 

Many of my clients feel secure in their LGBT-identity, while still feeling a sense of discomfort in interpersonal interactions based on their history of not trusting the safety of relationships. I can help you learn to feel good in your relationships.

We all have different reasons why we seek therapy. You may have a clear cut problem you want to address, or you may simply feel that something isn’t right in your life…that you’re not as happy as you used to be, or you don’t feel as passionate about the things that used to motivate you. Whatever brings you to therapy, you can trust that I will create an environment in which you feel comfortable exploring your needs in a non-judgmental and supportive space.

My experience with the LGBT community includes working as a case manager at AIDS Project Los Angeles, as a therapist and program manager at the Los Angeles LGBT Center, as a suicide prevention counselor for The Trevor Project, and as a LGBT youth mentor for Rise Up & Shout. 

I received my Masters in Social Welfare from UCLA, where my focus of study was clinical psychotherapy with individuals, families and groups with specific concentration on the LGBT community. I have worked as a therapist and manager in a variety of settings including community mental health clinics, non-profit healthcare facilities and private practice. 

The decision to take the first step and look for someone to talk to is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome - congratulations on making that first move.  I look forward to working with you as you begin the process of changing your life and feeling better.