Sarah Brook, LCSW

License #083265-1

I became a therapist because I find it a tremendous privilege to accompany another on their journey of transformation. My practice is firmly rooted in the belief that psychotherapy can empower you to encounter the fullest, healthiest and most complete version of yourself, and I will offer you compassion, insight and support through that process.

I have a background in activism, and for over a decade have consistently applied a social justice lens to my work. I understand the value of providing a space for your voice to be heard. In my psychotherapy practice, I have a particular passion for helping empower people whose identity lies outside the mainstream culture. Therapy is an excellent tool to help you cultivate the internal resources to keep building your life on your own terms.

I work with LGBTQ, kink and poly individuals around issues related to anxiety, depression, relationship issues, coming out, internalized homo/trans/biphobia, discrimination, stress management and grief. I have a particular expertise in trauma, and I help survivors to heal and reconnect with a sense of self that may have been lost. I also specialize in working with artists around creative expression and sustainability. The role of religion and spirituality in an individual’s life is an additional area of my interest and expertise.

Whether you are interested in short term symptom relief or in-depth exploration of long-held patterns, I will help you to create lasting change through information, insight, support, and the opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself. I look forward to sharing the journey with you!

Questions? Emailcall or text the Gay Therapy Center at 415-795-2935