Gay Men’s Therapy Group

West Hollywood, CA

Group therapy can be a powerful modality for gay men. Many of us did not have experiences in childhood that helped us learn how to make connections easily because we were taught we had to hide our true selves. That common experience among gay men is binding.

Through group therapy, we can “come out” fully and allow ourselves to be fully seen. 

In this group, members will try to express how they are feeling about what’s being said and what’s happening in the group, and explore and notice reactions we have to others. This helps us understand where these reactions might be coming from, and empowers us with more choice over our reactions and our feelings. 

We will work through blocks that might be preventing us from intimacy in the group, which will ultimately help us do the same thing in our lives. This is not a social group, but a chance to learn about ourselves in relation to others. 

Potential group members should plan to commit to this weekly group for at least six months, and will be asked to give notice of ending their participation a full two months in advance. This plan allows us to explore all the opportunities for growth that come up when saying goodbye, something that often gets missed in our lives. 

We meet in the Beverly Center/West Hollywood area on Tuesday nights from 7:00 - 8:30 p.m. The cost is $55 per meeting. If you are interested in talking about whether it is a good fit for you, please contact group leader Jake Myers, MFT for an individual intake session. The cost of the intake sessions are $100 for 50 minutes. 

Jake Myers is an experienced group therapist. He trained in group therapy at Aurora Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, and has co-facilitated a gay men’s group in private practice for several years.

Many gay men have literally suppressed their feelings in order to survive. In group we learn to identify and express our feelings as a pathway to finding intimacy and connections with others.