John Montopoli, LMFT, LPPC

License #39800 and #317

My work is especially pragmatic and results-oriented. I’m an expert in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), which is particularly effective in helping clients overcome anxiety, worry, and depression in a relatively short period of time. I also enjoy helping many people reduce work stress and manage major life transitions. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy appeals to my desire to work collaboratively with my clients to achieve their specific goals. I have particular expertise in helping clients with social anxiety, sexual dysfunction, panic disorder, OCD, and "pee-shyness". Together we will first uncover your beliefs systems and from there you will learn powerful coping strategies.  

I’m actively involved in the LGBT community both personally and professionally. I’ve completed psychotherapy research that tested the effectiveness of CBT to reduce high risk sexual behavior among HIV-positive men who have sex with men. I’ve also enjoyed serving on the Board of Directors for a San Francisco-based LGBT psychotherapist association for four years.  I’m very interested in helping gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans clients understand how homophobia impacts the development of our belief systems.

I’m a native New Englander who has adopted San Francisco as  "chosen" home. I arrived in the Bay Area over 20 years ago after seeking adventure by living in the Netherlands after college. After pursuing a master’s degree in counseling psychology at the University of San Francisco, I became a licensed psychotherapist in 2003. 

I’ ve received intensive training in CBT through the renowned Beck Institute in Philadelphia, and subsequently was certified by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy. My interest in psychology really began in high school and my passion for the field has only grown since then.

When I’m not working with clients, I enjoy traveling with my partner. I have a passion for commercial aviation and I can frequently be seen looking up when airplanes fly overhead to identify the type of aircraft and to guess at its destination.