Gay Therapy Center—Hollywood

As LGBT people we often need to build a new relationship with ourselves that is different from the one imposed upon us when we were younger, without shame and guilt. 

The experience of growing up LGBT impacts our relationships with our friends, our career, our family, our romantic partners, and ourselves. Therapy helps us be less critical and judgmental of ourselves and the world around us, which ultimately makes the world a much more enjoyable place to be. 

Adversity is no stranger to me. Growing up in a tumultuous, alcoholic family in a small town, I wasn’t exactly set up to thrive when it came to feeling good about myself and having intimate connections with others. 

I felt alone and unable to tolerate my feelings for many years. I turned to unhealthy ways to cope and survive. Coming out on the other side has allowed me the opportunity to help people understand themselves more fully, so that they too can make choices that lead to a satisfying and meaningful life. 

I specialize in helping clients with issues of depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem, as well as alcoholism, crystal meth (and other drugs) addiction, codependence, and difficulty achieving healthy relationships with others. You can read about my own experience with addiction here.

I received my undergraduate degree in psychology from Boston College and my Masters in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University Los Angeles. I have completed a specialization in LGBT Affirmative Psychotherapy, and I’ve worked consistently with the LGBT community for over six years. 

The world can sometimes feel scary and overwhelming, and no one should have to feel alone or lost in it. Therapy is a place to begin your renewal.