Gay Therapy Center — Downtown SF

I help my clients gain momentum toward the life they want—in every session. Many of my clients come to me because they feel stuck, alone or helpless. Many have thoughts they can’t manage, thoughts they know get in the way of feeling secure and whole. My clients are ready to take action to help themselves, even when past efforts have left them feeling hopeless. 

My approach is to laser focus on positive changes my clients can make to feel better now. While the past may give us some helpful insights, I help my clients look optimistically to the future.

We don’t often notice our thoughts and emotions and how they effect us. But when we do, a magic moment presents itself that gently leads us toward a different behavior and a different experience for our lives. I love helping my clients find that magic moment because it ignites a momentum that sets their lives on a happier course.

I specialize in:

Anxiety and fear issues: I help people struggling with general, overwhelming feelings of dread, racing thoughts, social anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias. Here's a link to a blog post I wrote on the subject of anxiety. 

Issues related to sexuality: Many of my clients work with me on challenges with compulsive sexual behaviors and sex addiction. I am kink and poly affirming, and often work with couples navigating open relationships and enhancing sexuality in their relationships. Here's a blog post I wrote on the subject of sex addiction.  And here's another article i wrote on out of control sexual behaviors.

My lens on the world is wide. I’m a gay man and an urban-dwelling Bay Area transplant. I worked for two decades in small and large organizations as a busy leader and manager. I understand the complexities of today’s working person and aim to help my clients strengthen and improve the personal and professional relationships in their lives.

MFT License #86596

Questions? Emailcall or text the Gay Therapy Center at 415-795-2935