Are you grappling with your partner’s cheating and betrayal?

Are you feeling confused and insecure about an open relationship? 

Don't know if you should leave or stay? Want some clarity on what to do next?

Adam is great at what he does. I did a coaching session by phone as I live in Austin, and his advice really helped me communicate what was necessary to continue my relationship with my significant other. His advice is something that I’ll definitely live by and I’d recommend him to anyone that is in need of personal or relationship issues.
— Coaching client name withheld due to our privacy policy

By phone or Skype we can help you navigate these and many other challenging gay relationship issues in the privacy of your own home, wherever you live.

Working with you individually, or with you and your partner, we can help you identify what is happening emotionally, assist you in making decisions that are best for you, and ultimately help you expand your communication skills that will benefit all aspects of your life.

We will support you in taking the risks you need to take to reach your potential, and challenge you when you are holding beliefs that are not self-compassionate.

We will help you identify what is true for you. Once you are working from that truth you will have a much better platform to move forward in your life.

Coaching is different than psychotherapy. As your coach, our focus is solely on your present and future rather than helping you heal trauma from your past. It is always solution-focused.

Our coaching work is informed by The Coaching Training Institute, the leading training program for coaching, as well as over a decade of work as psychotherapists specializing in relationship issues for the LGBTQ community.

Gay-affirmative coaching in your own home is especially convenient.  We have worked successfully with clients all over the world from Australia, to Malaysia, to Switzerland, to Oman.

You can try just one coaching session or many.  Reach out to us with your biggest concerns. Now there is someone to turn to with your confusion.