LGBTQ couples online counseling


From your computer, smart phone, or iPad you can meet with us from the privacy of your home, office, or even on a walk, using our secure, encrypted video conferencing software.

Our services are available anywhere in the world where there is a wifi connection. Research shows that online work is just as effective as meeting in an office.

We work with individuals as well as couples. You and your partner do not have to be in the same location, or in the same country.  We have worked with clients from all over the world—from Australia to Maylasia, from Switzerland to Oman, from Maine to Wisconsin. We offer services in English and in Spanish.

When we work online we work as coaches, not as psychotherapists. Coaching is different than psychotherapy. As your coach, our focus is solely on your present and future rather than helping you heal trauma from your past. It is always solution-focused.  You can meet with us for one session or many.

Online work starts at $175 per 50-minute session and is rarely covered by insurance (although there is a better chance if you live in California or New York).

Adam is great at what he does. I did a coaching session by phone as I live in Austin, and his advice really helped me communicate what was necessary to continue my relationship with my significant other. His advice is something that I’ll definitely live by and I’d recommend him to anyone that is in need of personal or relationship issues.
— Coaching client name withheld due to our privacy policy

If you would like to move forward or have questions, just email Adam Blum, Founder and Director of the Gay Therapy Center, or give him a call or text at 415-795-2935.

What our staff says about online work:

I have come to see online work as often more effective than in-person sessions…it fosters a sense of safety that seems to allow for a special connection with clients. Online sessions are deeply personal and often highly transformative.
— Bill
I particularly like working online because I find that couples are most comfortable talking about their relationship in their own home, where they feel the safety of their own environment.
— Wyatt

Please note:

Health insurance will generally not cover our online work. Our fee starts at $175 per 50-minute session, charged to your credit card.

We don’t offer text or email therapy. Your sessions will be live online via secure video conferencing.

Same-Day or Next-Day Appointments Available.