5-Week Live Webinar Series



Are you frustrated and confused by the gay dating and sex scene? 

Are you disappointed that your relationships don’t seem to last? 

Are you tired of being single, again?

Then this webinar series is for you.

Gay dating, relationships, and sex are different and come with unique challenges. 

Our webinar is designed to help you navigate the path to connection with other men with greater ease, confidence, and arm you with practical skills. 

We will show you how to find the right man for you and what to do with him once you find him.

This five week class will cover:

Finding a Boyfriend

Communicating about Sex

Developing Self-Esteem and Confidence

Maintaining a Relationship

Open Relationships and Monogamy

Webinar Series Presenter:


Greg Bodin, MFT, Gay Therapy Center Licensed Psychotherapist

Greg is an expert on gay relationships and dating, and is one of the most popular therapists at the Gay Therapy Center.  He’s also fun and entertaining!

Each class will include Greg’s powerful ideas and instruction, online handouts, and ample time for your questions.

Greg has helped hundreds of men learn new ways to approach the challenges that come with dating and relationships.  He will teach you what to do when self-doubt and anxiety show up so you can have a much better experience of dating, connecting, and having sex with other guys.  

This is the stuff of life that no one teaches us. Until now!


Every Tuesday at 6 PM – 7 PM Pacific Time, starting September 26th.

7 PM – 8 PM Mountain time

8 PM – 9 PM Central time

9 PM – 10 PM Eastern time

Here’s what we’ll cover:

september 26

Meeting Guys, Hooking Up, Finding a Boyfriend — How Do You Make This Work?


Understand what you want, make a plan, overcome barriers, and make something good happen.


Meeting guys, dating, hooking up…all of this can be fun and exciting or feel overwhelming and make you want to stay home and order a pizza. In this class we’ll talk about some of the things that might get in the way of you having a great dating and sex life. Greg will show you how you can feel good about yourself as you meet guys.

October 3

Happy, Healthy, Raunchy — How to Get the Sex You Want


Feel great about you and the sex you have.


You may always have awesome, mind blowing sex. Or maybe you don’t. Maybe sex feels a little routine, or you never seem to get what you’re looking for. In this class we’ll talk about what gets in the way for you and how you can move forward and have a happy, healthy sex life.

October 10

Building Your Best Life — Feeling Good About Yourself


Overcome internal stuff that gets in the way and live the life you want.


Maybe your life is humming along and you’re feeling great about yourself and what you’re up to these days. Or maybe not. Lots of guys do the best they can but struggle with hard stuff like anxiety, depression and feelings of self-doubt. In this class we’ll talk about how to get unstuck using practical tools that will help you feel more confident and excited about your life.

October 17

Give Love and Get Love — Building Happy Healthy Relationships


Communicate effectively, have more joy and connection, and feel loved.


You found the guy, or maybe you’re hoping once you find the guy that you can keep him. Whatever your situation you’ve committed to this relationship, you want it to work, and you want to be happy in it. How do two guys do this?

What do you do about the stuff you can’t seem to fix and the fights you always get caught up in? We’ll talk about how to understand yourself and your partner so that you can get closer, talk about anything and ultimately, have a happy, healthy relationship.

October 24

You Want to Open It or Close It. About Monogamy, Polyamory, Open Relationships


Understand what you want and learn how to ask for it.


All relationships are different and even the happy healthy ones, keep evolving. You might be monogamous, monogamish, or open. Whatever kind of relationship you’re in, there are ways to do it well and ways that can cause lots of problems. We’ll talk about how to better understand what works for you and how to communicate it so that you can have the kind of relationship you want.

Limited Seats: Register now for $245. This webinar series will not be repeated.

This 5-part webinar is a lot less expensive than 5 hours of therapy—which would cost $875 or more. We designed this course to share with you the most information and useful tips we regularly share in our therapy sessions, but at a rate that is affordable to more people.

It’s a rare opportunity to learn from the largest gay therapy center in the world at a fraction of the cost of therapy, and in the privacy of your own home.

Money back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the class after the first session you will receive a full refund.


Can I register for just one or two of the five classes?

No. The classes are designed to build on each other and are only available as a series.

Will the classes be videotaped?

Yes. All the classes will be videotaped and available for you to watch as many times as you like until October 30, 2017.

Can I attend the class anonymously?

Yes. You can hide your identity from your classmates. Only the Gay Therapy Center will know your name and email address, and we will protect your confidentiality.

What is your refund policy?

We have a money back guarantee: if you are not satisfied with the class after the first session you will receive a full refund. There are no refunds after that.

Will insurance cover these classes?

No. Insurance will only cover psychotherapy and these classes are not psychotherapy.

How does the webinar technology work?

We use Zoom video software. We will send you a link to click for the webinar. You just click that link and you’ll be directed to the webinar automatically. At the question and answer period each week you’ll be able to ask Greg your questions aloud or by typing them into the chat box.

More questions? Contact Adam D. Blum MFT, Gay Therapy Center Founder and Director at info@thegaytherapycenter.com

Gay Therapy Center: Our mission is to help gay men love themselves and each other.