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Topher, LGBTQ Therapist in San Francisco

LGBTQ Therapist San Francisco Topher Pronouns: He, Him

Life can at times be painful, difficult to navigate, even overwhelming. Feeling stuck, whether as an individual or as a couple, is an experience shared by many. Though stress is a fact of life, therapy can help us train the mind and body to be more adaptive and resilient. We can learn to get unstuck, better navigate the ups and downs, while staying true to our aspirations and life goals.

Utilizing evidence-based approaches to psychotherapy, I specialize in helping clients with burnout and stress, anxiety and depression, procrastination and low motivation, substance use, trauma, and relationship issues. In my practice, I see both individuals and couples. Believing there’s opportunity for healing and growth in every session, I’m available for both brief and ongoing therapy. I studied at Brown University for my undergraduate degree and went on to complete my MS in counseling psych at SF State.

In our work together, we’ll clarify your goals for therapy, and you’ll learn research-backed skills and concepts, and identify ways to put therapy into practice. Part of my role will be to keep us both accountable, so that session by session we’re staying on track and working towards positive, real-world change.

Part of why I enjoy working with LGBTQ individuals and couples—for whom the traditional playbook of life may not apply—is that there is often more freedom and a greater need to set one’s own course.

A daily meditator myself, I have an understanding of how mindfulness can be a helpful component in therapy. Potential benefits include an improved mood, better focus and concentration, greater equanimity in response to life’s stressors, clarity of purpose, and the capacity to respond rather than simply react.

Whether you’re interested in a quick mental health check-up, or you’re wondering if short term or ongoing therapy may be beneficial, I’m happy to meet with you and answer your questions.

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