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LGBTQ Therapist San Francisco Lindsey So you moved to the “queer promised land”, same-sex marriage is legal, “equality has arrived” and you have everything you want…right?? Or, at least that’s what people tell you when you try to talk them about your experience. But the reality is, you’re still dealing with some pretty tough stuff.

Like the fear of holding your partner’s hand on the street, dismissive comments at work, and finding a partner who wants the same things as you. You’re still coping with family who doesn’t accept you and scars from bullying when you were a kid. You’re figuring out how to bring together your culture, religion, and sexuality. Or maybe you’re just beginning to explore your sexuality or your gender identity. I get it.

I get the progress we have made that is so beautiful, but also the struggle that is still very real, every single day.

Imagine writing your own script for your ideal life, feeling more clear about all the parts of who are you, and surrounding yourself with loving relationships. When you begin to allow yourself to accept all the parts of you with compassion, things begin to change. You find your voice. Let’s find your voice together and help you feel more empowered, grounded, and resilient.

As a bisexual/queer therapist myself, I am passionate about working with bisexual, pansexual, queer, and fluid clients. I also enjoy working with genderqueer and gender non-binary clients. One of my favorite things I have done in my career is run bi+ support groups and gender identity support groups.

I integrate interpersonal therapy, mindfulness approaches, and cognitive behavioral therapy. For couples therapy I utilize Emotion-Focused Couples Therapy. I also have extensive experience working with professionals in the medical and science fields. I completed my post-doctoral training at UC Berkeley and also work part-time at UCSF.

I love travel, the ocean, and a good bakery. I have been in an interracial, cross-cultural relationship with my partner for over 14 years

If you are seeking a therapist who is: social justice minded, an anti-racist ally, bisexual+ and trans* affirming, sex positive, kink-affirming, poly-friendly, and feminist, let’s talk.

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