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LGBTQ Therapist San Francisco Don Pronouns: He, Him

What keeps you up at night? Sometimes life can feel too intense, stressful, and distracting, distancing you from the things that matter most. Being mindful and considering a game plan can ultimately increase your life satisfaction.

As a psychotherapist I believe in establishing clear goals for our work together. During our meetings we will work collaboratively on quieting your inner critic, understanding your fears and anxiety, and strengthening your self esteem. My goal is to assist you towards making decisions, helping you thrive, and cultivating a life of meaning and peace.

I specialize in working with LGBTQ clients and couples who struggle with a variety of addictive behaviors or negative cycles. I also help clients slow down and bring focus into their relationships, helping them communicate more effectively and calmly about how they truly feel.

Psychotherapy is a second career for me. I worked in the technology field for almost two decades before returning to psychology, a field in which I’ve always been deeply interested.

Healthy living and exercise have been a life long interest of mine and, when appropriate, can be discussed in our sessions. I am an avid long distance runner and have completed many marathons and triathlons.

I am also trained as a hypnotherapist, which I have found to be a powerful tool in helping clients change habits and accomplish their goals.

“Don has been the best therapist we have seen. He is extremely fair, patient and helpful. He makes us both feel so comfortable and provides a safe space for us to communicate. We actually look forward to our sessions!”

— Recent Client Testimonial

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