LGBTQ therapy to help LGBTQ people love themselves and each other.

Adam, LGBTQ Therapist in New York

LGBTQ Therapist NYC Adam Pronouns: He, Him

License: LCSW

Education: SUNY Empire State College, New York, NY Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Counseling Studies; New York University, Silver School of Social Work, New York, NY, Masters Degree in Social Work

In therapy we explore the terrain of your life. We do this first by expanding your awareness of how you are currently living, and then clarifying what is working for you and what you want to change. With my support, we use your growing awareness of yourself as the basis for taking experimental steps in new directions. This process leads toward resolution, change and growth.

In working with couples, I help each person become aware of themselves in relation to their partner. We work together toward what I call “real communication”, where each person expresses and is heard by the other. This leads to the couple’s ability to collaborate in co-creating their own relationship.

LGBTQ issues are dear to me. I aim to help you find the joys and meet the challenges of being an LGBTQ person. Life’s universal issues of love, sex, work, friendship, maturing, belonging, death, spirituality, health, happiness and more can all be seen through the lens of the LGBTQ experience.

I decided to become a therapist as a result of my own positive experiences as a therapy client and then as a volunteer LGBTQ peer counselor. I am a graduate of NYU and certified in Trauma Treatment from the Trauma Center in Boston. I’m past President of The New York Institute For Gestalt Therapy.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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