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Paul, LGBTQ Therapist in Washington DC

LGBTQ Therapist DC PaulPronouns: He, Him
License: LPC, CAC 11

In life, work, or play we all struggle at some point with difficult challenges, even if we’re lucky enough to have had a good start in life. Those of us who identify as something other than what is accepted as normal can feel these challenges even more deeply, and can struggle to find someone to understand our unique situation and perspective.

As a gay man who grew up in the North of England, and has lived in London and the US, I deeply appreciate this rich diversity of personal perspectives, and how finding the right kind of help can be life-changing. Along with my teaching and publications, my own experience informs the dedicated passion I have brought to my therapeutic work of over 15 years with people seeking help with a wide range of issues.

Whether you are seeking support with your own concerns, or as a couple needing help with your relationship and the context in which you are making a life together, I will initially take a solution-focused approach drawing upon my degrees in both psychology and psychotherapy. Together we will develop an understanding of the nature of the problems you bring, nurture pragmatic changes, and work through the emotional ups and downs that change can create.

Sometimes change reaches deep down, disturbing the fault lines of our childhood experiences, and raising questions about our sense of self. For clients who are interested in working through these deeper issues I draw upon my training in depth psychology. Through this work I can offer you the rare opportunity to hear the inarticulate speech of the heart, as van Morrison has so beautifully sung, and to create a freer, truer future.

There is so much to celebrate about our diverse natures, why not take the opportunity to fully enjoy who you are?

“My husband and I are very happy with the services the Gay Therapy Center provides to us. Not only was it easy to find a therapist, but the supportive staff have been able to assist with other matters when needed. Our therapist, Paul, is amazing! Not only as a patient/client but also as a psychologist myself, I highly recommend their services!”

“I think Paul is an amazing counselor and we will be visiting him again for further consultation. It’s great that a service exists to link LGBTQ community with counselors aware of issues for the community.”

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