LGBTQ therapy to help LGBTQ people love themselves and each other.

LGBTQ Fighting

Stop Fighting and Start

Exhausted from having the same arguments over and over?

Realizing that you don’t know how to communicate?

Beneath all fights are tender, vulnerable feelings. Our therapists will help you learn to communicate about these underlying feelings that are generating the fights and miscommunication.

Once we are able to identify and talk about what is really driving the fights, we are on the road to greater intimacy and connection. And when that happens, couples quickly move to cooperation and agreement.

We start with teaching you how to communicate. That usually doesn’t take long. Once you have practiced that skill then you are ready to approach the next stage of turning towards each other with the most difficult issues in your relationship.

lgbtq fighting therapy

“If you look under the surface of every little fight, no matter what the topic, you will find that ultimately they are about some basic core fear that all humans hold. The fears essentially look like these questions:

Does he love me?

Does he care about me?

Will he stick around?”

— From blog post: How to Reduce Those Little Arguments about Nothing

Our job is to teach you how to feel closer after a challenging conversation rather than farther away.

This work will also help you build better relationships at work, and with friends and family.

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Take a look at our Fair Fighting Tips.

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