LGBTQ Therapists Who Are Interactive

We Not Only Listen, We Have Something To Say

I entered therapy having already decided to leave my relationship…and now you have done what I thought not possible—brought me back to him.
— Unsolicited client feedback

Our expert therapists offer therapy for LGBTQ people and gay couples or marriage counseling. Whether single or in a relationship, our gay psychologists help you:

  • Feel good about yourself so you can have a more satisfying life

  • Have deeper and more meaningful relationships

As a gay person, you may struggle with your self-worth. You might also suffer from anxiety or depression. You may have trouble sleeping, feel isolated socially, or exhausted from self-criticism. You’re tired of struggling. You want to work with a therapist to help you overcome your pain and angst.


Or, perhaps you are seeking gay relationship counseling

If you’re single, you may wonder if you’ll ever have a relationship that makes you happy. Things have gone wrong in your relationships so many times. You’ve had enough pain. You want something better.

If you are looking for gay couples counseling we know that you’re struggling in your relationship. It may be because your partner hooked-up with someone, conflicting sexual desires, fights that never get resolved, or you can’t agree on rules for an open relationship

You want to be closer to your partner and feel the love between you more strongly.

Whatever your problems are, as LGBTQ counseling specialists, we’d love to help…

LGBTQ Counseling

LGBTQ Therapy for Individuals

Heal past wounds and create a life with more love and happiness.

Gay Couples Counseling

Gay Couples or Marriage Counseling

Open your hearts to each other and create a deeper, more fulfilling relationship.

Online Gay Coaching

Online Coaching for Individuals and Couples

Feel better about yourself and create a loving relationship through individual or couples coaching.


Why LGBTQ People Choose Us

1.  Let’s Face it—no one understands LGBTQ people better than other LGBTQ people.

Therapy with LGBTQ people requires experts like us who understand you. We “get” you, your culture, and your troubles. Not only are we experts at providing therapy for LGBTQ people, we are all gay ourselves.

2.  Our gay psychologists are highly experienced, have top notch counseling skills, high intelligence, and compassionate hearts. 

Our therapists, on average, have 10 years of experience and many have over 20 years. We have devoted our careers to working with the gay community. It is our passion. Our gay therapists are great at helping you feel comfortable talking about uncomfortable topics and have a wide range of specialities. We believe experience matters in therapy, and that therapy with experienced therapists moves more quickly.

GTC is great! Therapy can be really disappointing if the fit between therapist and patient is not good. After attempting to explain grindr to an older female therapist, I knew I needed to get a gay therapist who could understand my experiences. GTC helped to connect me to a therapist who is the perfect fit and who has been incredibly helpful to me for the past year.
— Recent Feedback

3.  We focus on results. 

Our gay counselors don’t just sit and listen (although we do that very well). We work towards helping you make the changes in yourself, your life, and your relationships so that life can be fulfilling and meaningful. We are trained in cutting-edge, research-based methods of therapy for LGBTQ people that are known to work. We don’t just want to help you solve your problems—we want you to have an awesome life! 

4.  We personally match you.

Getting the right match is very important to the success of therapy. We will talk to you by phone to learn more about your needs and will personally make the match to one of our LGBTQ therapists. And because we have offices in so many neighborhoods,  you probably won’t have to travel far for therapy. You won’t have to deal with waiting lists, sifting through profiles, or matching by algorithms.

5.  We are the largest LGBTQ therapy center. 

Our 35 LGBTQ therapists work with people from across the globe. We have therapy offices in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City, and Washington, D.C. And, we offer coaching services online via Skype to the rest of the world. We have clients from as far away as Australia and Malaysia.

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At the Gay Therapy Center we have experts in: 

Addiction and Meth
Bipolar Disorder
Panic Disorder
Sexual Compulsivity
Sexual Abuse

Well-Trained LGBTQ Therapists 

All of our therapists are fully licensed psychologists and psychotherapists and have studied at some of the most esteemed universities and training programs in the United States including Columbia University, Harvard University, UCB, UCLA, NYU, and Northwestern University.  

We have LGBTQ therapists that specialize in:

Multicultural Issues
Open Relationships and Polyamory
Spanish Speaking

Many of our LGBTQ therapists have advanced training in:

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Gottman Method Couples Therapy
Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Psychodynamic Therapy

Sex Therapy
Somatic Therapy