Our mission is to help gay people learn to love themselves and each other.  

We founded the  Gay Therapy Center because we believe that feeling like we are the focus, rather than an afterthought, is an important part of the healing process for LGBTQ people. While we work with all kinds of people, the emphasis of our work, training, reading, writing, and thinking is on the LGBTQ community.  

You won’t have to wonder if your therapist really “gets it” when it comes to being gay, because we are LGBTQ people who are devoting our careers to working with LGBTQ people.

Our gay therapists will help you understand yourself and your relationships more clearly. We are experts in helping you use that information to create practical and lasting improvement in your life.  Our focus is always on change and growth.

We know that most people have little training in identifying and then sharing feelings. We’re good at helping you feel comfortable enough do to the sometimes confusing work of looking inside. 

Each therapist has been selected for their unique combination of top notch clinical skills and intelligence, and their compassionate hearts.  Adam D. Blum, MFT, the Founder and Director of the Gay Therapy Center, knows them all well and can help match you to the therapist best suited to your needs.  Just give him a call at 415-795-2935 or send him an email.  He usually will get back to you within just a few hours, Monday through Friday.  

Build a better life. Email us, text or call 415-795-2935.