Do you want an open relationship but your partner wants monogamy?

Do you want monogamy but your partner wants an open relationship?

Do you and your man know how to talk about difficult subjects and end up closer at the end of the conversation rather than further apart? If you open your relationship before you have developed this skill you could be headed for trouble.
— From blog post: Thinking About An Open Relationship?

Navigating open relationships and monogamy commonly causes hurt and anger. Often gay couples approach these complicated issues differently than heterosexual couples. 

Our articles on these topics receive more comments than any other issue we write about. It’s clear that couples need more help in approaching these confusing topics.

We are experts in helping couples get underneath the anger and come to greater clarity about what works for them. This is what we do every day.

Read our articles to learn more about our non-judgmental thinking about open relationships and monogamy. Then give us a call, email us, or schedule an appointment online to begin the process of healthy, productive communication that brings you closer together.

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