Adam D. Blum, founder of the Gay Therapy Center, discusses the process of individual psychotherapy. View time: 1:38 min.

Are you struggling with issues that keep reappearing, no matter what you do?

Are you surprised by how much pain your relationships are causing you?

Does your life look pretty good on the outside? And yet, you just aren’t happy?

Every day we help LGBTQ people build better lives and break free from deeply ingrained patterns.  

With our interactive and practical approach, together we will work through your issues so you can experience more satisfying relationships and a happier life.  Expanding your ability for self-acceptance will be a core focus of our work together.  Guiding you on the path to self-understanding, we will help you move through the places where you are stuck.  This process will help you improve all of your relationships, including your most important relationship—the relationship you have with you.

We are leading LGBTQ psychotherapists with decades of experience helping clients reach their full potential. You can see us for just one session or for many. We work with clients on a wide range of issues that they bring to therapy.

The following are areas where we have in-depth training in helping clients make significant progress.