Often our experience of anxiety and depression is linked to how we think and feel about ourselves.

Many of us have a strong Inner Critic that makes life feel like driving with the parking brake on. 

Our therapists will help you identify and understand your Inner Critic, and then take you on the journey of experiencing self-acceptance. You can learn about the strength of your Inner Critic by taking this test ›

Growing your appreciation for yourself is truly the foundation of personal growth. 

Utilizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy we will teach you how to reduce your anxiety and depression. This can provide a rapid improvement in your mood. As you start to feel better we may begin Psychodynamic Therapy to help you permanently resolve past experiences that may be contributing to your depression or anxiety. 

Anxiety and depression are treatable conditions. Every day we can help clients move from hopelessness to feeling excited about life again. To begin the process of feeling better, give us a call or send us an email. You can usually get an appointment within a day or two.

There is an epidemic of unworthiness in our culture. Deep inside so many people feel unlovable. Read more ›
— From blog post: Secrets of the Inner Critic

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