Our unhappiness can stem from ideas that may not even be our own: “I should be in a relationship by now”, “I should own a house,”  “I should have figured this all out.” When we find ourselves “shoulding,” it often means we have some needs and desires that are not being met. Our work together will help you get more in touch with your true needs, and we will explore ways to manifest them in your life.  

Together we will provide you a different view of your obstacles, giving you a chance to gain insights and solutions that once seemed impossible. I believe that true growth involves listening to ourselves, appreciating that voice within us that has always been there, and beginning to trust its wisdom and celebrate its uniqueness.

I work with individuals who are in the midst of a life transition; experiencing challenges in establishing or maintaining intimate relationships; having sexual compulsivity problems; or difficulty managing anxiety and stress. 

My work with partners—in monogamous, polyamorous, or open relationships—aims to create a climate comfortable enough for each member’s true self to emerge and be seen by the other. Often times a relationship can feel like it has taken on a life of its own and bringing change to it can feel impossible. However, by listening to each other in deeper ways, partners can begin to communicate more clearly and compassionately with one another, leading to new possibilities of connection and intimacy. 

In addition to my master’s degree in social work from Hunter College, I hold a Master of Arts from NYU, where I focused on photography. Art and therapy both have the ability to shift our perspective on how we view the world and ourselves. I am excited to join you wherever you might be in this process! 

LCSW License # 086669