Couples Specialist


I believe that the most important part of our lives are relationships. That is why the work of bringing couples closer together is so worthwhile and satisfying for me.

My job is to teach you and your partner how to talk about anything without ending up in a fight or feeling distant from each other. You will find it much so easier to resolve conflicts around trust, infidelity, sexuality or any difficult topic once you learn how to communicate in a new way. 

As your coach I will help you to change the unhealthy dynamics in your relationship and move towards feeling more connected and supported. I will lead you through the deeply transformative experience of working alongside your partner to achieve a closer bond.

I particularly like working online because I find that couples are most comfortable talking about their relationship in their own home, where they feel the safety of their own environment. It is the place where couples spend most of their time together and there is great benefit from experiencing a new level of connected communication in the space where you live your lives.

When I am not helping couples online, I work as a licensed psychotherapist seeing clients in my Los Angeles office, specializing in helping LGBTQ people with sexuality and sexual dysfunction, and I teach mindfulness through a UCLA project. I have a Masters Degree in Counseling from New York University. 

As a former member of the LDS Mormon faith, I know what it is like to grow up in a community that is antithetical to the LGBTQ experience. You can read an interview with me on this topic here. It has been incredibly rewarding helping so many clients and couples move past low self-worth to a place of self-love and acceptance.