Individual Specialist

I have come to see online work as often more effective than in-person sessions even though I was initially hesitant about forming “virtual” relationships. The distance and the locales—typically me in my home and the client in his, wherever that may be—fosters a sense of safety that seems to allow for a special connection with clients. Online sessions are deeply personal and often highly transformative.
Whether you are interested in short-term symptom relief or in-depth exploration of long-held patterns, I will help you to create lasting change through information, insight, support, and the opportunity to deepen your understanding of yourself. 

Most people come to online coaching in search of a solution to a particular problem, and coaching works very well for that. But often these same people discover that the experience can also add texture and dimension and meaning to their lives. This has profound implications, not only in times of trouble but also in our day-to-day experience, in how we live our lives from moment to moment. 

When not working as a coach at the Gay Therapy Center, I am a licensed psychotherapist in private practice in New York City. I’ve be honored to work with LGBTQ clients for over ten years.

I look forward to sharing the journey with you!