Couples Specialist

People are wired to love and be loved. We all have a built-in, fundamental need to feel special and to experience a loving home base. Relationships, when they are working, can provide the base for us to thrive in our lives.  

Couples fight when they feel like this base is threatened or when they aren’t sure they have security. Gay couples have the added pressures of being different and not having an abundance of role models or resources to support their bond. I take great pride in supporting couples to find security and passion in each other so that they may lead healthy, fulfilling and connected lives.

My training as an Emotionally Focused Couples therapist has taught me theories and techniques, backed by research, that improve bonds with couples. Through my work with the Gay Therapy Center I have been fortunate to work with wonderful gay couples all over the world and in almost every continent. 

Love is love, regardless of culture, race, or sexual orientation. It is present in many forms, including monogamy, open relationships, or triads. We all want to love and be loved and we want our relationships to be supported and celebrated.

I enjoy offering online coaching to gay couples and have found the work to be groundbreaking and exciting. My style is direct yet very supportive as I help couples turn their arguments into opportunities to gain the closeness they yearn for.

In addition to my online work I have an office in Los Angeles, CA where I see individuals and couples. I also supervise psychotherapy interns and train them in couples therapy. I look forward to working with you!