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Karen, LGBTQ Therapist in San Francisco

KarenPronouns: She, Her
License: LCSW

Karen is in San Jose, and she practices online in California.

Hi, I’m Karen. It is my good fortune to have a vocation that inspires, challenges, and delights me every day. I love exploring people’s life experiences, earning their trust, and being invited into the private spaces of their hearts and minds. I’ve been facilitating healing processes for decades with a combination of evidence-based treatments and authentic empathy and concern. I’m a lifelong learner who values scientific knowledge as well as ancient wisdom.

In addition to my work history and professional training, I bring a lot of lived experience to my clinical practice. I’ve learned from both experts and Life about navigating the waters of sexual and gender identity, managing family and intimate relationships, coming to terms with abuse and trauma, and finding balance amidst the stormy seas of confusing thoughts and feelings. As an adult I realized I’d been unknowingly facing life through the lens of ADHD. I am now a strong advocate for people with ADHD and other neuro-divergent conditions.

I bring an insider’s view to issues affecting lesbian, bisexual, and pansexual folks. I have a lot of experience working with transgender teens and adults. I appreciate supporting people as they find their way in this world—what I refer to as “pathfinding”. I also especially enjoy therapy with couples and families of all genders and sexualities. Emotional connection and open communication are universally critical to a sense of satisfaction in intimate relationships. I attend to these dynamics in addition to each relationship’s particular challenges.

I start therapy with couples and families by meeting individually with each person to understand their perspective, strengths, and particular concerns. Then as we come together as a team, I support unguarded dialogue, openhearted listening, and mutually beneficial problem-solving.

No matter your age or your challenge or whether you’ve been struggling for one day or twenty years, now is the perfect moment to take the next step toward health and wholeness. I would be happy to serve as your support and guide along the way!

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