Brandon, Queer Therapist in Seattle

License: LICSW

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to truly understand and embrace your own story? I believe everyone has an innate capacity for growth, and sometimes we need a little guidance along the way. As a licensed therapist, I’m dedicated to supporting you on your journey toward healing and self-discovery. My goal is to walk alongside you, addressing the challenges you face and celebrating the growth you aspire to achieve.

Specializing in evidence-based therapy tailored to your unique needs, I bring over a decade of experience to my practice. I hold a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Washington and have completed post-graduate training through a trauma and substance use fellowship at the Seattle VA’s Center for Excellence. Additionally, I’m a Level Two certified Gottman Couples Therapist, offering expertise to help couples and polycules strengthen their connections and navigate relationship dynamics.

As a queer-identifying therapist, I am committed to creating an affirming and inclusive environment. Drawing from my personal and professional experiences within the LGBTQ+ community, I deeply understand our unique challenges. I’m passionate about supporting queer individuals in navigating issues related to identity, relationships, and mental health. Together, we’ll work toward resilience, self-acceptance, and achieving your goals.

Moreover, I am continually fascinated by the human experience and the journey toward healing and growth. My curiosity extends beyond therapy sessions, as I’m deeply invested in holistic healing and the mind-body connection. With a background as a fitness instructor, I integrate somatic work into my approach. Outside of sessions, I embrace new experiences as an avid traveler and lifelong learner, always eager to hear about others’ journeys.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of healing and growth, I invite you to reach out. Let’s create a space where your story can be heard and honored. Together, we’ll navigate life’s complexities, embracing both challenges and opportunities for transformation. I look forward to walking this path with you.

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